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Ending the Cycle of Violence:

From Murder to Forgiveness

Six videos with Workbook
DVD – $249.95


A groundbreaking video based curriculum for teaching violence prevention and positive life skills to youth ages 11-15.


“Skillfully conceptualized and powerfully executed, the Ending the Cycle of Violence program is an exceptional resource for any youth program.

~ Robin Casarjian, M.A. Director, The Lionheart Foundation sponsor of The National Emotional Literacy Projects for Prisoners and Youth at Risk.

Extreme Consequences:

The Reality of Prison Life

40 minute video with workbook
DVD – $129.95


A compelling look at the choices that lead to incarceration and the reality of being locked up in Pelican Bay State Prison for youth ages 11-adult.


“This is a great program. I would recommend it for any youth who is having trouble in school or in the community. And for the young person’s parents, teachers, friends and psychiatrist. The information is important for all of us.

~ Jeffery Rowe, M.D. Supervising Psychiatrist, Children’s Mental Health Services,
County of San Diego

Stress Management for Teens:

45-minute video with Workbook
DVD $129.95
A comprehensive video based stress management program for youth 11-15.

The video is a great resource for students from junior through senior high school. Highly
~ Lauren Aldridge, Educational Media Reviews On-line.

Gangs: It’s Your Life:


3-Part Video Series & Workbook
DVD $129.95 


An acclaimed program that shows the reality, the consequences and the alternatives to gang life for youth ages 11-15.


“The best video for gang prevention I have seen. Very real and accurate information…”
~ Capt. E. Maes, Gang Unit, Denver County Jail

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