What our Viewers from Around the World are Saying about IRON BIRD!


“The simplicity and honesty and directness were utterly moving…” J. Millar Somerset, England

“I LOVE it! Want to see it a few more times, so many things to notice. Beautiful stories, and beautiful scenery…” J. Kip, Panajachel, Guatemala

“The film was a remarkable compassionate offering to today’s world… “ M. Boyden, Rome, Italy

“ I just wanted to tell you how wonderful the film is – it really manages to convey the sense of how the dharma is establishing itself in the west….And also, which I did not expect, you to manage to include a very good introduction to the basic tenets of Buddhism and illustrate them with examples that make them more meaningful.  I think this would be an excellent introduction to Buddhism in many situations.”  J. Tart, Berkeley CA

I just watched When the Iron Bird Flies for the second time in as many days WOW! WOW! WOW How glorious, interesting, fascinating, inspiring, deeply moving. Thank you!! P. Mears, Tasmania, Australia