Review by Mikey Dorje of IRON BIRD in The Chronicles of CTR!

Thanks to Mikey Dorje whose fantastic music added so much to When the Iron Bird Flies and to Walter Fordham who posted Mikey’s review on The Chronicles of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche website – “Authentic teachers are precious and rare but the ones we have are remarkable and seem to be fully capable and willing to work with us. No matter who we are and how we discovered Dharma, we can’t afford to take this life and the opportunity we have to study and practice Dharma for granted. This is what I feel when watching “When the Iron Bird Flies”, even for the fifth time… “When The Iron Bird Flies” is a very insightful documentary and whether you are new to Buddhism or a seasoned practitioner, it will inspire and illuminate.” Read more and listen to Mikey’s ( Loopsy Dazy) music from IRON BIRD at