Report on IRON BIRD event in Melbourne with Chocolate Tsampa Balls!



Thanks to Anna Morgan, who shot the amazing footage of the Guatamalan hurricane we used in When the Iron Bird Flies  who sent this from the October 26 event in Melbourne:

We went to see Iron Bird last Saturday and all of us loved it. We all felt that it really successfully addressed a whole lot of questions really clearly in an interesting and creative way. Having only been exposed to one aspect of the doco I’d thought that this would be the focus. Great to now understand a bit more about how it all comes together.
The organization running the fundraiser was great ( ANZTY – Australian Newzealand Tibetan Youth) We got to watch a performance first up which was lovely. The organizer Tenzin, gave some really lovely  speeches and even promoted a new product- chocolate tsampa balls -made by his girlfriend. We all got to try them!